Carly Pearce Admits to 'Clean Eating' in Her Diet

Carly Pearce might love a good glass (or two) of wine, but that's about where her guilty pleasures [...]

Carly Pearce might love a good glass (or two) of wine, but that's about where her guilty pleasures end. The 28-year-old, who already revealed her favorite food is brussel sprouts, would much rather eat a salad than a cheeseburger.

"I'm really healthy and kind of follow Paleo, but really just clean eating," says Pearce. "So probably a lot of things that I make for myself people wouldn't like. I've been told I'm kind of boring in my eating but I do a lot of different like superfood salads when I'm home and kale salads and love making different kinds of salmon whether it's lemon dill or teriyaki. I love making different healthier versions of Italian food like ground turkey with spaghetti squash and marinara ...more on the healthy side of things."

Pearce, who admits she is "obsessed with Pinterest" recipes, won't have much time to cook at home this year. After wrapping up a run as the opening act on Blake Shelton's Country Music Freaks Tour, she will spend the remainder of the year opening for Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan and Rascal Flatts, far exceeding any hopes she had for herself as a child.

"People ask me how I feel and honestly, I'm still trying to come to terms with it and feel like it's actually happening," Pearce previously told "It's surpassed my wildest dreams. If you would've told me sitting here a year ago that this would be what's happened to me, I would've never, ever believed it."

The "Hide the Wine" singer, who was nominated for her first-ever ACM Award this year, for New Female Vocalist, is still having a hard time coming to terms with how much her hard work is paying off.

"So many of my girlfriends, as young girls in high school, they talked about starting families and getting married and I think that's beautiful. But for me, I dreamt of CMAs and ACMs, and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, being a country music artist. I really feel like that was my destiny as a young child," Pearce said. "I've been embraced by other artists, by country music fans, by radio, for being a hundred percent me. At the end of the day, if tomorrow it all blew up and went away, I made an album. I got a record deal. I had my first number one. I came onto the scene being one hundred percent who I am and the artist that I always wanted to be."

A list of all of Pearce's upcoming shows can be found on her website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/carlypearce