Brothers Osborne Find Lost Dog After It Walked 5 Miles From One Brother's House to the Other's

Country duo Brothers Osborne had a New Year's Day miracle to celebrate on Tuesday. Their lost dog was discovered after it walked five miles from one brother's home to the other's.

Early Tuesday morning, they shared a photo of John Osborne's dog Barley, who ran away after being frightened by fireworks. A few hours later, John revealed that Barley walked more than five miles to brother T.J. Osborne's house.

"FOUND!!! She freaked because of fireworks then left my (John's) house and walked 5 miles/6 hrs to TJ's. Haha. Unbelievable," John wrote on the duo's Twitter page. "Thank y'all for the kind words."

John's wife Lucie Silvas also used her Instagram page to ask for help finding Barley. After the dog was found, Silvas celebrated the news.

"We are so relieved and overwhelmed that she is ok and is with her family and now can't wait to get home to her and put a tracking device around her neck," Silvas wrote. "Fireworks scare her every year and we couldn't be there with her this time."

Silvas said their nephew Taylor was taking care of Barley this week, since the group was out of the country for New Year's Day.

"We are so so so grateful to our friends and every single person who was out looking for her and posting about her - thank you so much," she wrote. "We feel so lucky to have such caring friends that broke up their New Years celebrations to look for her. All our love. Thank F–! Xxx."

Brothers Osborne released their second album, Port Saint Joe, in April 2018 and are still touring to promote it. On Jan. 10, they head back on the road in the U.S., beginning with a show in Chicago. Their hits include "Stay A Little Longer," "It Ain't My Fault" and "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)."

The duo has built a sizeable fan base already, with more than 144,000 followers on Twitter and 251,000 followers on Instagram. Many of their fans also try to see them live as often as possible, so they make sure their shows are always exciting, both for the audience and themselves.

"We are always thinking about that. Not to mention — we like to change it up for ourselves," T.J. told the Chicago Tribune this week. "If we were just up there doing paint-by-numbers it would just get boring for us as well. We like to move stuff around and get in those places where we really don't know what's gonna happen and we're on the edge and it feels like it could almost fall apart. Those are those little fun moments where it feels like the crowd is anticipating the next move as much as we are."


The duo said they planned to keep performing for most of 2019, while writing and recording their third album between shows.