Brothers Osborne Recall Favorite Halloween Costumes

Brothers Osborne have celebrated plenty of Halloweens together. The duo, made up of siblings T.J. [...]

Brothers Osborne have celebrated plenty of Halloweens together. The duo, made up of siblings T.J. and John Osborne, grew up in rural Maryland, where the holiday was cause for major celebration.

"There was a costume I had when I was a kid that my dad made," TJ. recalled. "[John was] a caterpillar and I was a spider. And so I don't know if you're familiar with pipe insulation? It's like these black tubes, and so I had these little black pipe insulators as my legs."

"There were strings attached to him that would hold some of the black pipe insulators under his hands, and he'd put working gloves on the end of them and so when he'd raise his arms, all of the little spider legs would raise up with it," John added with a laugh. "I'm telling you, our parents were total hippies."

As adults, Brothers Osborne love of costumes continued. Although they haven't revealed what they will dress up for this year, they did admit they have one tried-and-true costume that has proven to be successful over and over again.

"One year I dressed up as a '90s redneck zombie with a mullet wig and an Alan Jackson denim coat," John recounted. "I never once broke character. That's part of the thing — you can actually not break character and get away with it. And everywhere I went, even when I ordered a drink, I ordered it like a zombie that was falling apart. It was so fun!"

"Literally, you can dress up like a zombie and drag your foot behind you all day and make weird noises, and everyone finds that completely acceptable," continued T.J.

Brothers Osborne's father made each Halloween memorable, and not just because of the costumes or plethora of candy. The singers remember their father making sure their pumpkins were the biggest and best in the neighborhood.

"With our dad every year, we would go looking for pumpkins, and we would all get our own pumpkin to carve, and he would buy the biggest pumpkin that they had," said John. "It was huge. I mean, it was way too big for any one person, but he would love carving. He's kind of an artsy guy. He was a great drawer and stuff, and he would carve the most terrifying, vicious looking, scary pumpkin you'd ever seen in your life, and it would be massive. It would be like on a 50-pound pumpkin or something."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeffrey Mayer