Brothers Osborne Aren't Afraid to 'Tackle Tough Issues' in Their Music

Brothers Osborne, the duo made up of siblings TJ and John Osborne, aren't afraid to speak their mind, especially when it is about things that matter to them. The men, who posted on social media that they participated in the recent March for Life, feel it's their responsibility to speak out about important topics.

"We try to have fun with it," John tells CMT. "But there's this misconception that country artists don't want to tackle tough issues and just shut up and dance. That's not true. By and large, country music has been very open and vocal. Look at Willie Nelson; he's never shied away with the way he feels when it comes to certain topics. Look at Loretta Lynn singing 'The Pill.' That was a long time ago. When it came to women, you didn't discuss those things, especially when it comes to country radio or country fans.

"It's the artists that aren't afraid to be honest that stick around and make an impact," he continues. "It's certainly our job in all genres to speak truth to power and to stick up for the people, even though you might lose fans. I think at the end of the day, it helps you sleep."

Brothers Osborne take their cues largely from one of the reigning hitmakers of country music, who practices exactly what he preaches.

"Luke Bryan is successful because he's 100 percent himself," shares TJ. "When you hang out backstage with Luke, he's the guy you see onstage. He's not trying to pretend to be someone else. When we go out and play a show, we try and think about what the crowd would want. We wouldn't be here without them."

While their fans, along with the rest of the nation, are likely divided on many political issues, it's important for Brothers Osborne to add their voice to causes they feel passionate about.

"People say, 'Stay out of politics,'" TJ says, "I think that is a really terrible thing to say because we should all be involved in politics even if we disagree with each other. We should all be aware of what's going on."

Still, Brothers Osborne understand that their fans go to their shows to get away for a couple hours, which is why they keep their concerts upbeat and hopeful.

"Ultimately it's our jobs as performers, singers and songwriters to provide an escape to a lot of people who want it," TJ explains. "They want to shut off from all the noise out there. They come for a release. That's what I listen to music for and why I play music. It's therapeutic for me. It's one of the greatest things that we do is people come out and spend money to just get lost in the music, and that's what we're doing."

Brothers Osborne will hit the road with Dierks Bentley later this year on Bentley's Mountain High Tour. Dates are available on their website. Brothers Osborne's new album, Port Saint Joe, will be released on April 20.


Photo Credit: Instagram/BrothersOsborne