Brooke Eden Is Letting the Light in With Her 'No Shade' Music Video (Exclusive)

After releasing her new single "No Shade" on Feb. 5, Brooke Eden is premiering the accompanying music video, and it's just as sunny and inviting as the song itself. "We wanted it to feel like a form of escapism," Eden told "We're putting this stuff out in February and everything was shot and filmed in Florida. So we definitely wanted to bring sunny, warm vibes during that part of the year that most people aren't getting any sunny or warm vibes."

Set at a hotel, the clip begins with the Florida native waking up in a dark room before throwing open the blinds to let the light in, working a shift at the real-life tiki bar she was employed at before moving to Nashville and eventually getting up on stage. "There ain't no shade 'round here / Once you leave the clouds you're under ain't it funny how there ain't no rain / All clear / Why'd it take so long to leave you in the rearview mirror?" she sings. "Now nobody gonna steal my sunshine / Or turn my blue sky grey / All I know is at the end of the day / Wildflowers grow when there ain't no shade."

Eden wrote "No Shade" with Brandon Day and Steven Lee Olson, and the song is her first entry into a new sound, which she describes as a mix of country and soul. "I wanted it to be retro soulful and country, but the vibe of it, the overlying kind of vibe was sunshine, happiness," she explained. "It will change your entire mood, whether it's cloudy or sunny out that day. And after the year that we all just had I thought it was really important for this music to feel sunny and feel happy."

Her previous single was 2016's "Act Like You Don't," which was about the final moments of a toxic relationship. "No Shade" is about leaving that relationship and "finding your light again," and Eden noted that it was a happy coincidence the two songs followed each other. "Even if that wasn't the situation, it also was just like, we all just lived in 2020," she noted. "We all have been living in quarantine during a worldwide pandemic. And this song is about coming out of the dark and kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes of being in a bad place. And I really felt like it was important to start with a life song that could kind of let people know that there's light at the end of the tunnel after you go through a hard time."


Eden will follow "No Shade" with two additional songs that also have their own music videos and together create a trilogy. "The next two songs are about falling in love and finding your person," she revealed. "So they're also very sunny and happy and warm. And I think that they'll give a similar feeling of happiness and sunniness, but involving love."