Brinley Addington Premieres 'Better on a Barstool' in Advance of Album Release

Brinley Addington is back and better than ever.... or is it 'Better on a Barstool' ... perhaps [...]

Brinley Addington is back and better than ever.... or is it "Better on a Barstool" ... perhaps both?

The Tennessee native, who's sound is an effortless callback to 90s country music, is set to debut a new EP on April 20, and in advance of that has released one of the tracks, "Better on a Barstool", to get fans primed.

Addington told that the inspiration for the song was to give people what he had as he developed his passion for music.

"When we started this project, we knew that we wanted to make something that was reminiscent of the country music I grew up on and was fun to listen to," he said. "We didn't set out to do a theme record but as we got deeper into it, we found that most of our favorites were bar songs and it really came together in a cool way."

Addington was part of several writing sessions, including those with Ryan Hurd -- who wrote "Lonely Tonight" that went to No. 1 -- as well as Bart Butler and Bob DiPiero. DiPiero boasts 15 songs that went to No. 1 and countless others that made the Top 25 on the country charts.

The initial release was the brainchild of the latter two working with Addington.

"I wrote 'Better On A Barstool' with Bart and Bob; I wanted kind of a darker feeling song for the project that was still positive and Bart came in with that title and it fit perfectly," Addington said. "It's about a guy who prefers to watch the world go by from his seat at the bar and loves every minute of it."

The EP is available now on iTunes for pre-order for just $3.99. It has five songs and totals 17 minutes of listening.

Along with "Better on Barstool" the song list includes "Those Kinda Songs", "No Thanks", "Another Heartache", as well as "If It Don't Have Honky Tonk" and is, what Addington says, something that he thinks people will really connect with.

"I would hope when people hear this EP that they find some songs they'd want to drink a beer to and to people who grew up loving 90's country like I did," he said. "I hope they feel a little nostalgic and remember how it felt listening to all that great music."

Addington will be playing Crossroads in Nashville on April 19 as an EP Release premiere but also taking his talent to Johnson City, TN at Freedom Hall and then to Joe's Bar in Chicago for a Google Us performance.