Brett Young Vows to Shower Newborn Daughter Presley With Christmas Gifts

Brett Young and his wife Taylor's newborn daughter Presley might be a little too young to appreciate Christmas gifts this year, but that doesn't mean her father doesn't plan on putting plenty of presents under the tree for her. The "Catch" singer is thrilled to finally be on the giving end this year, and is eager to buy her plenty of gifts, even though she won't understand any of it.

"So cool to think about; it feels like being on the other side of gift-giving for the first time," Young shared with his record label. "You grow up and you start giving gifts to your friends or people that you date and stuff, but when you first started you were getting gifts from your parents. As a selfish little kid, you wake up and you're getting gifts every Christmas. You're sprinting out of your room to slide in front of the tree to see what's your name's on, and she doesn't know yet, but it still doesn't matter.

"We're going to buy her stuff she doesn't need just because we're excited about it," he added. "So, I think just to be on the other end of it and to be able to share this with Taylor, we're both just really excited."

The California native is still adjusting to his role as a father, but is loving every minute of the process.

"It's the absolute best thing that ever happened to us," Young boasted to "If I were to complain about sleep right now, I'd feel guilty, because my wife is sleeping much less than me. We're on cloud nine, and we're figuring it out, and very blessed."

Young might be tired, but he knows whatever he is experiencing pales in comparison to how Taylor feels. Although Presley is the couple's first child, Young is already in awe of how well his wife has taken to her new role as a mother.

"If you read my post when Presley was born, I said my wife was a superhero, and moms are superheroes," Young said. "I didn't know it could be more true but I felt it in that moment, watching her ... take to motherhood, like somebody who's done it for her whole life."


"She's up all night," he continued. "She's breastfeeding. She's not sleeping. She's figuring out what cry means what, and she's doing it with grace. She's good. She probably would like a couple hours of sleep right now."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond