Brett Young Reflects on His Astounding Success

Since releasing his first single, 'Sleep Without You,' in 2016, Brett Young has seen his star rise [...]

Since releasing his first single, "Sleep Without You," in 2016, Brett Young has seen his star rise almost instantly. That song went to No. 1 as did the two singles that followed — "In Case You Didn't Know" and "Like I Loved You," and it's clear the singer is set for even more success.

At a recent No. 1party for "Like I Loved You," Young explained that the most unexpected change in his life has been the fact that people are actually interested in talking to him.

"I was just telling my girlfriend this yesterday, I said, 'You know what's so funny when you move to town, you hope that you'll have things go well enough for you that people will pay attention, or that you might walk into a fast food restaurant and somebody might recognize you,'" he shared.

"You kind of think that and that's a byproduct. That's not the goal, but you kind of think that way. When it starts to happen you kind of go, 'Wait a minute. That song that we wrote, that's important to people, that's connecting.'"

The 36-year-old added that he has "pinch me" moments every day, including the success he's seen with "Like I Loved You," which he co-wrote with songwriter Jesse Lee.

"I think the biggest pinch me moments are when you can go back to, for me, when I pretty much first got to Nashville and [Lee] and I wrote a song," he shared. "That could be a song that three years later is important on the record, it's important on the radio. I love stuff like that. I love when you realize that you don't have to let things go as you grow as an artist and as a writer."

The California native noted that he's been making music for years, so to see things take off for him in Nashville has been "humbling."

"I think just something that I did for 14 years before I moved to Nashville, just that it's being played on a bigger platform now," he said. "It's reaching more people. I think that the fact that people care about the music that I'm putting out is the most interesting thing and the most flattering and humbling thing."

Along with his success in music, Young's life also changed recently when he proposed to longtime girlfriend Taylor Mills.

"We are both more excited than we can express and looking forward to starting this chapter of our lives together," the couple told People in a statement.

Young also used Instagram to share the news of his engagement.

"SHE SAID YES!!!!" he wrote, adding the hashtag #loveyoubabygirl.

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