Brett Young Reveals His Quarantine Essentials

Brett Young is currently quarantining at home with his wife, Taylor, and their 6-month old daughter, Presley, and like most people, the singer has found a few essentials he needs to have in order to maintain his well-being during this unprecedented time. In a video for Amazon Music, Young shared five things he's doing to stay productive and creative during quarantine, starting with something the majority of us have most definitely been using to cope with staying indoors.

"The first thing that I need to have is movies," he said. "Anybody that knows me, they know that I'm a bit of a couch potato. I'm strange with movies. I do like new movies, but I get really attached to movies and I never get tired of them." He admitted that the habit drives Taylor "crazy," explaining that he recently watched all five Rocky films in one sitting. "Not just once, but twice over the course of two weeks," he revealed. "It's been iPad and headphones in bed to not wake the baby up with the TV. I mean, I'm still getting three, four movies a week, that's pretty good."

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The second thing Young has counted on is an exercise space to help him stay fit. "For me right now, it's actually just a set of dumbbells that adjust in weight and a pull-up and dip bar," he said. "No matter how much or how little, for my sanity, I need to be able to get a little exercise." For his third pick, the California native chose his guitar, an essential for any musician. "Whether I'm writing with it or just sitting and fumbling around on it, it's something that I absolutely have to have," he said. "Sometimes I'll play for an hour, sometimes I'll play for ten minutes."

His next item is fresh air and walks outside, sharing that he and Taylor love to take walks with Presley. "We've found that she's not so good with the naps during the day, and one of the things that absolutely works every time is sticking her in the stroller and going for a walk," Young explained. "It's been kind of our happy hour. We'll wait until it's late in the afternoon, throw the baby in the stroller and walk, and she normally falls asleep in the first 20 minutes and the goal is to stay out as long as she'll possibly sleep."

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For Young's last pick, he named access to other songwriters as a "really important" essential, sharing that he and three other writers had written a song from their own homes in a session that ended in a "completely working demo" just the other day. "It's been a lifesaver to be able to just jump on the computer, grab a guitar and dial up a couple buddies and get a song done," he said.