Brett Young Reveals How Close He Is to Being Ready to Welcome First Child With Wife Taylor

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, are only a few weeks away from welcoming their first child, a girl, into the world. While the "Catch" singer admits he doesn't know if he'll ever be fully ready to become a father, the couple at least has all of the essentials ready for whenever his daughter arrives.

"It feels like we're at a place where we have enough things in the house and in the cars that we could keep her alive, which is actually a good feeling cause that was a goal to get to the 'keep her alive' place," Young shared with and other media. "Now we're in the day to day – well, she should probably have art on the wall in the nursery.

"And then it's like, she probably won't be in the nursery for a couple months still," he added. "So we're now kind of trying to style her out. But the cars and the nursery are ready, so that's a good feeling."

Young and Taylor not only are expanding their family, but they are also getting used to a new home, which they purchased last year, even though their baby's arrival has slightly altered those plans.

"The house took a back seat because the nursery became the important thing," Young explained. "So the house is empty, but the nursery's full. We're getting there, but everybody gives the same advice. You're never going to be ready, but then you'll just figure it out. We're kind of in that like. We've heard it from enough people it must be true.

"We're going to try to stress out as little as possible," he added. She's coming whether we like it or not. So, no, we're fired up. My wife is a rock star. And so, I'll try to keep my eyes open at any point that I think she might need help."

Young and Taylor haven't quite been married for a year, and are still getting used to being husband and wife, not to mention Young's soaring career. The California native admits he is ready for life to slow down a bit, if only so he can appreciate all that has happened.


"I'm kind of all over the place right now," Young acknowledged. "I'm really excited to shut it down. She's due in the middle of the month, so I'm going to take the whole month off because I think about it all the time, but I'm also going to work every day. I'm really excited for the time that I have to shut my brain off of anything but wife and baby, just because it is something that we've wanted and been looking forward to for so long. I'm really just excited to kind of dive in and dive into it and surrender to it. I'm a strange mixture of work days and family days right now, but I'm ready to shut work off for a minute."

Photo Credit: Getty Images / John Shearer