Brett Young Gives Update on New Music

Brett Young is almost ready to release new music. The 37-year-old reveals his sophomore album is nearing completion, and he's eager to share it with his fans.

"We've already recorded nine of the 12 for the next record," says Young. "We wrote most of it on that Lady Antebellum tour last year. I had writers out almost every week on the bus. So 'Mercy' will be the last single from this record and then sometime this summer we'll come with a single from the new record. I'm super excited. I'm kind of chomping at the bit. This record's been so special and so good to me but I'm ready to put out new music."

The reigning ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year says his upcoming project will be different, at least in some ways, than his self-titled freshman one.

"I've done the singer-songwriter thing for so long while being a huge country music fan. I don't want to change the core of why I started this or how I started this," he explains. "It's small changes with this record. It's like the first record that I'm writing as much of it as I can."

The California native will incorporate some of the music he grew up on, along with his love of country music, on his next album.

"I grew up listening to soul music and R&B music," Young says. "So, it won't be melodic and it won't be lyric, but there'll be some production stuff where you can hear a little bit of a throwback thing. That's what my parents played at my house growing up. That was very impressionable for me growing up as a music fan. The songs are similar."

Young gives his fans credit for inspiring at least some of the music on his next record, since he relies on their reaction to potential songs when he sings them live.

"I think fan interaction is really important, from how you put together your set list for your show to how you decide what songs you're gonna put on your record," notes Young. "I think that is one of the biggest advantages you have is, if you're on the road a lot, you do have the opportunity to try out new music before you go into the studio and make your record.

"But also with the old music, you kind of get a feel for which of your songs are working and connecting and you start to get a feel for why," he continues. "And so I think paying attention to your fans and what it is that they're gravitating towards is really important and it's definitely affected the song selection in the making of the second record."

Young will play several fairs and festivals this summer, and will then join Thomas Rhett on Rhett's Life Changes Tour this fall. Find dates at


Photo Credit: Instagram/brettyoungmusic