Brett Young's Second Album Will Feature 'Small Changes'

Brett Young's self-titled debut album was a massive success for the country singer, spawning three No. 1 singles and propelling Young to rising star status. With all that success comes a fair amount of pressure, as artists' sophomore albums are often a hugely important step in their career.

At a recent No. 1 party in Nashville, Young opened up about his next project, revealing that while fans won't hear much of a change sonically, he knows that growing and maturing as an artist means making small adjustments with each new project.

"I've done the singer/songwriter thing for so long while being a huge country music fan, I don't want to change the core of why I started this or how I started this," he explained. "It's small changes with this record. It's like the first record that I'm writing as much of it as I can."

Young added that his producer, Dann Huff, has been helping him make some minor but noticeable changes to his sound.

"I grew up listening to soul music and R&B music," the 36-year-old shared. "So, it won't be melodic and it won't be lyric, but there'll be some production stuff where you can hear a little bit of a throwback thing. That's what my parents played at my house growing up. That was very impressionable for me growing up as a music fan. The songs are similar."

What will stay the same is Young's personal connection to his music.

"I'm going to write about my life every single time," the singer explained. "I think that's the kind of music I want to listen to is when I feel like people are being genuine as artists. So, I always want to be that and be transparent.

"That whole sophomore album thing can be scary, but I'm in a good place with it right now," he added. "I'm really, really excited to share new music."

Young also shared some advice he once heard from one of his idols, Gavin DeGraw.


"Years and years ago, before I knew that I was going to get to make records he was talking about his own career," Young recalled. "It has just always stuck with me and is basically, with every record your responsibility to your fans is to not change so much that you lose the fans that you have but to change enough that you can go out and grab some more."

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