Brantley Gilbert Picks His Own Favorite Artists for Second Annual Kick It in the Ship Cruise (Exclusive)

Brantley Gilbert will kick off his second Kick It in the Ship cruise this November, bringing along [...]

Brantley Gilbert will kick off his second Kick It in the Ship cruise this November, bringing along several of his musical friends, including Chase Rice, LANCO, Diamond Rio, Danielle Bradbery and more.

Gilbert chose the eclectic list of artists for music lovers, like himself, who don't want to be limited to one style of music.

"I like to think that a lot of folks are a lot like me and listen to a little bit of everything, and there's a little bit everything on that boat," Gilbert told "I think it's a cool opportunity from people who maybe don't listen to a lot of stuff to get in a room and hear a show and go, 'Man, I really liked that.' They may find some stuff they didn't see coming."

"Last year we had Black Hawk, and it's amazing just to have those guys out there. Somebody of their stature out," he continued. "Then you got your Colt Fords and your Tyler Farrs; it's a good time. It's a bunch of people that I get along with and whose music I really dig, and we've got Chase Rice out there with us. I just think it's a great lineup, even just music-wise, if there wasn't anything going on other than music, I think it'd still be a blast."

Although Gilbert only has one cruise under his belt so far, the Georgia native imagines the music event on the water will become an annual event for years and years to come.

"We had so much fun on the first one and this one's shaping up to be amazing," Gilbert said. "I don't see us not doing it. It's a cool chance to get out with folks that want that little extra piece of us. Good times aside, it's a big ol' party. It's a big music festival out on the water. I'm not necessarily much of an ocean guy. I've got three fears in life, that's snakes, sharks and commitment. I got the commitment thing pretty much worked out, but the other two are still real. So you know it's got to be a good time if they're getting me out there."

One of Gilbert's favorite parts about the cruise is the chance to meet fans that he might not otherwise have the chance to know, thanks to his star status.

"I'd like to try to see as many shows as I possibly can on this one," Gilbert noted. "That's always fun, to find what show's going on in what room, and what kind of vibes are going on in there. There's so many chances for fans to hang out with other artists. They're all over the boat as well. We've got different activities set up where other bands can get involved and get some face time with people, because back in the day, honestly it's like when we used to go play shows at bars and clubs, we'd make friends and hang out with folks and talk, and things like that.

"We're not really able to do that anymore," he continued. "We get a meet and greet, it's like a handshake and a picture and that's about it. But it does give us an opportunity to just get some face time again. A lot of these younger artists that are coming up, it'll give them the opportunity to spend time with folks and tell them what they're about. It is exciting. The first one, I was like, 'Okay, this will be cool, but it is out on the ocean.' But this one coming up, I'm excited about. We're ready to get out there."

Gilbert's Kick It in the Ship Cruise takes place Nov. 4 to 8. The cruise leaves from Miami and will travel to Cozumel. Cabins are still available. For more information, visit

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Terry Wyatt