'Bobby Bones Show' Alum Morgan Massengill Opens up About Her COVID-19 Symptoms

Morgan Massengill, an alum of The Bobby Bones Show, tested positive for COVID-19. On Tuesday, she shared the news with her followers and opened up about some of the symptoms that she has been experiencing. Massengill worked on The Bobby Bones Show from 2015 to 2019.

On her Instagram Story, Massengill noted that she tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. She explained, "I was in close contact with someone who had tested positive prior. So, I knew that it was probably coming. And I quarantined last week and tested Saturday like the doctors advised me to and the test did come back positive. That's kind of when I started having symptoms and I would say my case has been mild compared to a lot of people." Massengill went on to share some of the more intense symptoms that she's been experiencing, as she noted that she did not "totally expect" them. The former Bobby Bones Show producer explained that she's been experiencing on and off chest pain, brain fog and some shortness of breath as she deals with her COVID-19 diagnosis.

"I have had chest pain that kinda comes in waves and it feels like someone's pinching my heart in my chest, if that makes sense," she continued. Massengill also noted in her caption for the clip that the pain is not "excruciating," but that it's hard for her to "get it off my mind when it's happening." She added, "Am I the only one? Has anyone else felt this? You know, I'm 28, I'm healthy that I know of. So, I think my case has been fairly mild so far and I feel fine right now. It's just when these waves come where the chest pain is going on it's more mental than anything 'cause I'm like, 'Is this something I need to be more worried about?'" Massengill then shared some of her current health stats including her oxygen levels and her resting heart rate. However, she's most concerned about the chest pains that she's experiencing.

"I'm just trying to figure out about this chest pain. I mean, it's probably just part of it. Anyway, I'm coming on here to talk through it and have some community," Massengill continued. She also urged her followers to send her direct messages if they have been navigating their own COVID-19 diagnoses. Based on a subsequent message that she posted on her Instagram Story, it appears as though her followers did just that. The 28-year-old added, "I'm reading all of your messages and I really appreciate your words of encouragement and those of you sharing your own experiences with Covid [heart emoji]."