Watch Blake Shelton and 'The Voice' Contestant Chris Kroeze Perform 'Two More Bottles of Wine'

Blake Shelton and one of his teammates, Chris Kroeze, took the stage on Monday night for the first night of the two-part finale of The Voice. The pair sang the Emmylou Harris classic, "Two More Bottles of Wine," earning a well-deserved standing ovation from the crowd for their fiery performance.

Shelton still has both Kroeze and Kirk Jay left in the show, while Kelly Clarkson has country singer Chevel Shepherd, and Jennifer Hudson has Kennedy Holmes. The "Turnin' Me On" singer doesn't care who wins, as long as it's one of the two people on his team.

"The Voice finale is here y'all!" Shelton shared on social media. "Get out there and vote for Team Blake!!"

One of Shelton's teammates has won The Voice a total of six times, but win or lose, Shelton has no plans of leaving the reality TV talent show anytime soon.

"I've been doing this for a long time, and I still love to make records and perform," Shelton told ABC News Radio. "But I've got to say that I get such a rush out of working with these artists that audition for The Voice and make it onto the show."

"And to kind of relive through their journey what it was like in the beginning for me," he continued, "and to get those first opportunities, and to get that first feedback from people out there, to know if they like you or not, and what it is about what you do that they do like."

Shelton released his 11th studio album, Texoma Shore, in 2017. With almost two decades in the music business, the Oklahoma native found a new excitement for his career with the hit TV show.

"Being a coach on The Voice has really kind of revitalized my excitement for this business again, you know," Shelton said. "Because it's easy to kind of fall into a rut, you know, and this definitely keeps me from doing that."

Shelton also credits The Voice with making him a household name, much more than his career ever could have.

"I didn't realize that most people in this country had never, ever heard of me, at all, or heard my music," Shelton reveals on Sunday TODAY. "And it wasn't until I got on The Voice as a coach that I realized, 'Man, I am nobody.' I remember the first time or two they introduced us on the stage. ... The Voice changed everything for me, and I mean everything."


The live finale of The Voice will air on Tuesday night, Dec. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit:Getty images/Jason Kempin