Watch Blake Shelton Perform 'God's Country' on 'The Voice'

Blake Shelton performed his latest single, "God's Country," on the most recent episode of The Voice. The song is from an upcoming, still-untitled new album.

Shelton performed with a full band, complete with fire on stage, but he admitted ahead of time the idea of singing the song in front of a life TV audience made him nervous, which is why he needed an extra-strong version of his favorite Smithworks vodka cocktail.

"Hey everybody," Shelton said in a video shared on social media. "So, I'm very excited about tonight's results. I'm a little bit nervous. Nervous for two reasons. First, I know I have to say goodbye to at least – numerically, scientifically, I have to say goodbye to at least one person on my team, because only four people are going to make it onto the finale. That's going to be tough, let's be honest.

"So I'm making a drink tonight, with Smithworks vodka, and it's going to be a strong one," he continued, "because I have to emotionally endure the moment when I find out who's going to be in the finale of The Voice, right here on NBC. And, I'm performing 'God's Country.' That's a hard song to sing. This calls for a drink. Y'all watch. It's going to be fun."

Shelton is excited about "God's Country," which was written by Devin Dawson, HARDY and Jordan Schmidt.

"'God's Country' is a song that was sent to me by [producer] Scott Hendricks," Shelton recalled about hearing the song for the first time. "I was actually here in Oklahoma, on the ranch, and I'll never forget it. I was actually running a skid steer, and they sent it to me. I was shocked. I had to stop and just listen to this song, because the song was talking to me about a place that I was in at that moment, which was a place in the middle of nowhere that meant something to me that probably nobody else could ever understand, what that is and what it is inside of me and what my connection is to the land."

"At that moment, I realized, 'I've gotta record this song,'" he added. "And I think I even decided before I even recorded it, 'This has got to be the song that I put out next.'"


Shelton has three of the four contestants heading into the season finale of The Voice. The final two shows of the season will air on Monday and Tuesday nights, May 20 and 21, on NBC.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Jason Kempin