Blake Shelton Jokes About 'Hell Right' and 'Jesus Got a Tight Grip' Both Climbing the Charts

Blake Shelton is joking about the two songs he has out, both of which are rapidly climbing the [...]

Blake Shelton is joking about the two songs he has out, both of which are rapidly climbing the charts. "Hell Right," his duet with Trace Adkins, is sitting at No. 10 on iTunes, while his latest track, "Jesus Got a Tight Grip," is one spot behind, at No. 11. Both songs are from Shelton's upcoming Fully Loaded: God's Country album.

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"No one can ever say I don't cover both ends of the spectrum... Jesus Got A Tight Grip out now!" Shelton posted on Instagram.

Shelton just dropped "Jesus Got a Tight Grip" from his upcoming project. The song is one of five new ones, along with several of his previous hits that Shelton is re-recording.

"Well, I knew the label would come up with some plan to release an album," Shelton said when announcing the record. "I've been vocal about how much I like this new way of releasing songs more frequently. It keeps me excited and gives me the opportunity to find the hot new song that I love and get it out to the fans quickly. I think they like it too.

"With five new songs on this album, you've got 'God's Country,' 'Hell Right' and a few more that haven't come out yet — maybe I wasn't supposed to say that. But the fans will hear most of the music on Fully Loaded before it hits the streets in December."

Shelton also just announced he is hitting the road in early 2020, with his Friends and Heroes Tour, with Adkins, the Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson and Lauren Alaina.

"The Friends and Heroes Tour was so exciting and successful last year that I couldn't imagine not trying something like that again," Shelton said in a statement about the tour. "Even though every night when the show wrapped, I would tell the audience that they might never see something like this again, with these legends, my plan all along was to at least try to make that happen. I didn't know if I'd be able to get the same artists, but we were able to work it out where we have the Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson, Trace Adkins and Lauren Alaina all coming back to do the exact same tour.

"We were only able to do a handful of shows last year," he added, "so we're going to take the tour to different areas so that fans will get a chance to see what we did. I feel like it was the best concert experience that I've ever been involved in, and I'm ready to get fired up again."

Download or stream both "Hell Right" and "Jesus Got a Tight Grip," and find tour dates, by visiting Shelton's website.

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