Blake Shelton Recalls Gwen Stefani's Sadness When 'The Voice' Ended Last Season

When Season 17 of The Voice ended last year, both Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were sad, and not just because Kelly Clarkson's team member Jake Hoot won the season. The couple was sad because they knew Stefani would not be returning for the upcoming Season 18, due to her ongoing commitment with her Las Vegas residency, and instead be replaced by first-time coach, Nick Jonas.

"I know she was sad when the last season ended, of course," Shelton told Extra. "She loves being a part of this show, you know, but she also has to go right back to Las Vegas."

Stefani had already coached three seasons of The Voice, which is where she and Shelton fell in love, when she decided to come back after Adam Levine's sudden departure from the show.

"It's really a miracle that it worked out last season with Adam leaving the show," said Shelton, "and last minute it just worked out timing-wise that she was able to step in and do it."

Shelton might be taking out some of his disappointment at Stefani leaving out on Jonas, who Shelton is only too happy to criticize in public.

"I think Nick Jonas may be… it's a close tie between him and Kelly Clarkson as the two worst coaches we have ever seen on this show," quipped Shelton.

The Oklahoma native is quick to clarify that, while he might be hard on Jonas, he does have a soft side for the Jonas Brothers member.

"I'm telling you, I love Nick Jonas as a human being, and as an artist," Shelton conceded. "But as a coach, he is sucky. Let's just put it to you that way."

Shelton has been vocal about not being kind to Jonas ever since Jonas was announced as Stefani's replacement.

"I'm gonna take it out on Nick Jonas," Shelton previously told Extra , speaking of his disappointment over Stefani's exit. "He's gonna be sitting there, new guy … I'm gonna bully him a little bit, to be honest."

Shelton believes Stefani will return for another season of The Voice in the future.


John Legend will also return as a coach on The Voice this year. Season 18 of The Voice will premiere on Monday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC