Blake Shelton Drives Elvis Presley's Truck on 'Jay Leno's Garage'

Wednesday's episode of Jay Leno's Garage featured Blake Shelton as a special guest, and the [...]

Wednesday's episode of Jay Leno's Garage featured Blake Shelton as a special guest, and the country star got a huge surprise when Leno put him behind the wheel of a 1967 GMC truck that once belonged to Elvis Presley. Leno didn't break the news to Shelton until he was already driving, telling him, "This is Elvis' truck, we had it shipped out here for you to drive. I wanted you to get the feel of it."

"You're kidding me!" Shelton responded "I love that." He quickly turned suspicious, saying, "Elvis didn't drive a truck" to which Leno confirmed he did. "He had a lot of vehicles. [....] One of the many cars Elvis purchased, this is the one he would drive around his ranch in. So you are sitting where the King sat," the former Tonight Show host said. Shelton citing his enthusiasm that it was "crazy," admitted he was also "getting nervous" over the "unbelievable" moment. "I never would've dreamed that Elvis Presley even owned a truck," he said.

Leno told him that Presley owned "all kinds of cars" and that he himself had driven the King's yellow De Tomaso Pantera, which Presley reportedly shot a bullet into after he wanted to make a quick getaway after a fight with his girlfriend but the car wouldn't start.

Shelton is most notably a Presley fan and last year hosted the star-studded Elvis All-Star Tribute on NBC. "They were just looking for a current artist that can read," Shelton joked when Leno asked him why he was chosen as the host. "Oh my god, of course," he said when Leno asked if he's a fan of Presley. The comedian also trolled Shelton about his PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive win in 2017, joking, "Obviously it was a bad year." "You know that completely discredited that entire publication," Shelton responded, pointing to his throat. "You can't have this chin and this chin and be Sexiest Man Alive. It amazed me how serious people take that issue that comes out every year because people were up in arms about it."

The two took Presley's truck to the studio where the late musician recorded "Jailhouse Rock" and "Heartbreak Hotel" before driving to Hollywood's Formosa Cafe where Leno got a steak and ordered Shelton a PBB&B, a 732-calorie peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich in honor of the King that wasn't an official menu item. "That's another thing Elvis and I... we share a love for eating," Shelton said before they arrived. "He ate weird things, right?"