Blake Shelton Continues to Champion Craig Morgan's Single as Song Enters Top 5

In an almost unprecedented move in country music, Blake Shelton is asking radio programmers to forego playing his songs, and instead play Craig Morgan's new single, "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost." The song, written about the loss of Morgan's son Jerry in a drowning accident in 2016, has already climbed into the Top 5, thanks in part to Shelton's efforts.

"Getting around this morning and just saw this.. #5!!!" Shelton tweeted. "We got 4 spots to go everybody. This can actually happen!! We can do this so keep talking about it! Keep tweeting and in words of [Larry the Cable Guy] Git-R-Done!!!"

Shelton also commented on the significance of the song making its way up the charts on Sept. 11, the anniversary of 9/11 attacks on America.

"I just realized that it's September 11," Shelton tweeted. "The craziness of this moment and this song on this day just gave me chills. It's all about healing but never forgetting."

Earlier this week, the "Hell Right" singer heard "My Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost," and was instantly moved into action to get the poignant song heard as much as possible.

"I would gladly give up my spot on country radio to get this song on.. Wow [Craig Morgan]
you blow me away brother. There's nothing easy or fun about writing a song like this but sometimes it's just something you gotta do."

Morgan debuted "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" earlier this month, revealing he was awoken in the middle of the night with the need to write the powerful lyrics.

"It's beyond me and my hands," Morgan told CMT. "I don't have a lot to do with it. I'm just grateful God has blessed me with the words, and I'm grateful that I got what I got with my son. I'm looking forward to seeing him again."


Download "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Terry Wyatt