Blake Shelton Attempts a Lizzo TikTok Challenge in Hilarious Video

Blake Shelton tried his hand at the new TikTok challenge featuring Lizzo's hit single "About Damn Time." The Voice coach's video went viral, racking up over 2.5 million views in a day. Jaeden Gomez created the dance, which has been embraced by Lizzo herself.

In Shelton's video, the country singer wore a baseball cap backward and a blue button-up shirt as he attempted the moves. "Did I do this right???" Shelton asked his fans. They were divided on his recreation of the dance.


Did I do this right???

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

"I feel like I just watched my uncle make a TikTok," one fan wrote. "Looks like signals you use for someone who is parking your tractor," another commented. "PowerPoint has smoother transitions," another joked. One fan said she "can't believe" his wife, Gwen Stefani, allowed him to share the video with the public. "What in the name of Gwen Stefani happened here?? I love you," another wrote.

Shortly after Lizzo released "About Damn Time" in April, Gomez posted her dance to TikTok and it caught on like wildfire. Lizzo published videos of herself doing the dance, including one where she performed it at the Met Gala bathroom. "I told y'all I got the song of the summer," Lizzo wrote last week, alongside a gallery of people performing Gomez's dance. "We the #1 song on TikTok. I'm posting every one that does this dance by [Gomez]."

Gomez also published a gallery of clips showing celebrities doing the dance, including Joe Jonas. "Legends slaying my dance... what is going on," she wrote. She also thanked Lizzo for "all the love, you're an icon."

Shelton has some extra time on his hands because NBC chose not to air a season of The Voice this spring. It is the first time since the show launched that only one cycle will air during the TV season. From now on, there will only be one cycle per year.

"Going into the 21st cycle in the fall, The Voice remains one of the most popular shows on television and we want to keep it that way," Frances Berwick, the Chairman of Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said in May 2021. "We want to eventize this iconic series. We think The Voice will be on NBC for a very long time to come and we believe the best way to protect the brand, while also superserving fans is to produce one amazing cycle this year."


Shelton is the last remaining coach from The Voice's first season. The fall 2021 season also featured Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Ariana Grande as coaches. Stefani and Shelton met on The Voice when she was a coach in 2015 and they married in July 2021