Big & Rich Member John Rich Slams American Airlines in Twitter Video: 'Book Another Airline'

John Rich of the country duo Big & Rich is not having an easy time getting home for the holidays. The singer ripped American Airlines on Twitter Friday afternoon after he and other passengers got stuck in a bus on the tarmac.

"I've been stuck on planes a lot. But [American Airlines] decided to leave customers stranded IN A BUS on the tarmac nearing an HOUR mere FEET from the jet. People yelling for someone! to open a door," Rich, 44, tweeted, alongside a photo of other passengers crammed into the bus. "AA IGNORED US. Rep said, 'Sorry, still waiting on crew.'"

Rich also added the hashtag "Like Animals" and tagged Fox and Friends.

A few minutes later, Rich posted a video from his bus seat.

"Hey American Airlines, you've had 100 people stuck in a bus on the tarmac for 30 minutes," Rich said in the video. "That's the way you treat your customers. On a bus, not on a plane... on a bus. [They] drove us out to the middle of the tarmac with no crew on the plane. For 30 minutes, babies and old people are on a bus. American Airlines, y'all. Book a different airline."

"Book another airline," Rich added in the caption. "[American Airlines] mistreats their customers. Babies, old folks, left in a locked AA bus on the tarmac nearing an hour in DC!! Everyone on this flight should get a refund. [American Airlines] treated us like animals in a cage. NOT OK."

Rich has not provided an update since posting the video, but he did interact with a couple of fans who voiced their support. After one person told him to start singing and entertain everyone on the bus, Rich replied, "If I had a song called 'Screw you!' I'd be singing it right now."

Another person suggested he break a window on the bus. "That was the next step," the singer replied.

An American Airlines representative tweeted a response to Rich, but did not say when the situation would be solved. "John, we're so sorry for the hold on the tarmac. Please meet us in DM with your record locator," the message read.

Rich's fans were shocked by the treatment of the American Airlines customers.

"Oh my goodness. [American] is now in the business of treating you all worse than animals? They need to be more courteous and respectful and kind. Wow. This speaks volumes of how they manage things. This is horrid," one fan wrote.

"And they will claim 'weather related delay' thus not having to refund or in any way compensate people. Feel sorry for y'all. That's no way to treat people," another added.

Rich makes up one half of the country duo Big & Rich with William "Big Kenny" Alphin. The group's latest album, Did It For The Party, was released last year.


Photo credit: Suzi Pratt/WireImage/Getty Images