BET Awards 2019: Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus Electrify With 'Old Town Road'

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus might be the most dynamic country duo of 2019 at this point. After surprising crowds at CMA Fest to perform the hit "Old Town Road," alongside Keith Urban on banjo, the pair made their way on horseback to the 2019 BET Awards.

The performance at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday was preceded by a short clip of the duo making their arrival straight out of a hip-hop western. They then make their way onto the stage to perform the Billboard Hot 100 smash complete with cowboys, cowgirls, and an old west saloon.

Lil Nas X was tasseled and clad in leather with his yellow and black outfit, topped with a cowboy hat. Meanwhile, Cyrus went for his more reserved look with a tan cowboy hat and a black leather jacket. He continues to fulfill his supporting role in Lil Nas X's success story, letting the performer shine and continue to soak up the limelight.

The song or Lil Nas X didn't earn any nomination at the awards Sunday, but the success of the song cannot be denied at this point. What was born out of controversy with Billboard exiling the song from the country charts has turned into a cultural moment that will help define the year. It's that type of song, good or bad.

Lil Nas X attended the awards with his sister, who according to the Instagram caption on his photo, kicked him out and forced him to make "Old Town Road." He released the song independently in December 2018 before signing with Columbia Records to craft a remix with Cyrus.

Before the BET Awards and CMA Fest, the duo first took the stage together during Diplo's set at Stagecoach Festival back in April.

(Photo: Lil Nas X/Instagram)

While the performance was electrifying for those in attendance, Lil Nas X got to grab a picture of his own on route to becoming "star struck." That's because he met up with Rihanna backstage before his performance, posing with her for a quick photo full of smiles.

As Lil Nas X says on another photo posing alongside Keith Urban, he just keeps running into legends.

He's also earned some high praise from his song partner, Cyrus.


"He's got that charisma. I call him Elvis. As a matter of fact, he went to the Waffle House here in Nashville and he bought me an Elvis bobblehead. I read on the thing – I know you're not supposed to read the price, but it said $24.75. And I looked at it when I got it out of the box last night and I thought, man, $24.75. I mean, I set it up on the shelf soon as you came in the house.," Cyrus told and other media.

(Photo: Lil Nas X/Instagram)

"It was straight in the middle of the table all by itself and there's Elvis and that bobblehead," he added. "That kind of reminded me of, Lil Nas has that charisma. He's got whatever that is, that special electricity about him, and I'll tell you, he's a really great guy and he's a smart kid."