Watch Ashley McBryde's 'Hang In There Girl' Video, Completing Complicated Storyline

We finally know how the story ends! Ashley McBryde just dropped the third, and final, video with "Hang In There Girl" that completes the complicated storyline she began with the first video, "One Night Standards," and continued with "Martha Divine."

In the video, McBryde shows how the story, which began with her helping a friend deal with a woman caught in an adulterous affair with presumably the friend's father, and continued with the two friends seeking out revenge, at almost any cost.

All three songs are part of McBryde's upcoming Never Will album, where she intentionally told stories, even stories no one else wanted to tell.

"My manager John Peets and I had this idea to listen to the record and see what stories appeared … what threads of ideas were consistent in the songs we had gathered and what characters stood out," McBryde said about the idea for the videos. "Lo and behold, one night on the bus Chris Harris (acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonies) and I were having a few beverages after a show. I got out my sketch pad and we wrote down each song from the record and each character. It looked like a crazy road map. It looked like a child had drawn it.

"But there it was," she added.. "A way to connect every song and every video. I showed it to Peets, and we put it in (director) Reid Long's hands. And the rest is history."

McBryde is eager to share all of the songs on Never Will, and admits it has been frustrating not being able to already have them released.

"It's frustrating as hell because the record's been done," McBryde told Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1. "We recorded in June. We were ready to go to master fairly soon after that. So not being able to talk about the songs, not being able to perform the songs live, not being able to tell you it's April 3rd but [only] I know it's April 3rd was really, really frustrating. So the guys and I just tried to make sure that the Girl Going Nowhere show that we'd built, we just tried to keep that fresh and really tried to just focus on doing work, doing work, doing work. Because getting frustrated is the worst.

"And we always, we just want to share the damn songs," she continued. "Everything has to have a purpose and there were two songs I wanted on this record so bad and I kind of based what I thought the record would be about off these two songs that I didn't write, but I just knew they belonged on the record. At the end of us recording everything, those were the two songs that did not make the record. Every time I listened to the record down, which I do pretty often with the band, we can't tell if it's a country record with rock songs on it or a rock record with country songs on it, which is kind of cool."


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Photo Credit: Getty / Erika Goldring