Adam Hambrick Speaks out About Writing Lindsay Ell's Single, 'I Don't Love You' (Exclusive)

When Lindsay Ell delivered her powerful performance of "I Don't Love You," in front of her ex, Bobby Bones, at his annual Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots Million Dollar Show, many people assumed that Ell wrote that song, perhaps inspired by Bones. Turns out, the happily-married Adam Hambrick wrote it instead, with Melissa Fuller and Neil Medley, but Hambrick doesn't mind if Ell takes the credit instead of passing it on to him.

"They don't need to know I wrote it," Hambrick told "Let everybody think that Lindsay wrote it because it does feel personal."

Part of the reason Hambrick wants to give the credit to Ell is because of the way she delivers the song, which is from her upcoming new album.

"She's wonderful," Hambrick boasted. "And man, I'm partial, I know, but it's my favorite vocal that she's ever turned in, that I've ever heard from her. She really belts it; I feel stuff when I hear her sing that song."

While "I Don't Love You" doesn't apply to Hambrick's own life, it could apply to Ell's, which is why he doesn't care if she gets the credit.

"Just let that song go do what it's going to do," he said. "People don't need to know I wrote it. I'll just sit on the sideline and cash the check."

Hambrick is not only writing songs for other artists, but he is also writing songs for himself as well. The father of two, who released "All You, All Night, All Summer," last year, is putting out new music in 2020, including another song that will soon hit radio.

"We are putting out some singles," Hambrick revealed. "There'll be a radio single coming soon, some time first part of the year. I'm trying to figure that out. And then we're just going on the road. Doing a lot of shows. We got a few Ashley McBryde dates coming up. Love her. She's fantastic. A few Jimmie Allen dates and then just some random other stuff that's coming in.


"I just got done with a fall headlining tour and so kind of like going back to some of those places that I went this fall," he continued. "Just a lot of random stuff. I feel like we're still very much in the throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sticks mode."

Photo Credit: Getty / Leah Puttkammer