Adam Hambrick Helps Usher in Summer With Latest Single

Adam Hambrick is back at radio with a new single, "All You, All Night, All Summer," which is the perfect way to usher in the warm weather season.

"That song is just kind of a series of snapshots of summer love in the town that I grew up in," the rising star told "It just reminds me of summer flings and running around Corinth, Mississippi with my buddies in high school. I feel like everybody has that kind of young, wild, summertime thing in their history. I think it's a song people connect to and like a lot."

Hambrick might have grown up in Mississippi, but it's the state of Arkansas that he still considers home.

"That's where all my family is from and I've lived most of my life there," Hambrick explained. "I graduated high school in Mississippi, moved to Arkansas, went to college and I spent a lot of time in the clubs, playing shows. My fraternity brothers would come and I'd be selling out clubs thinking I was hot crap. I wasn't."

It was while Hambrick was playing not at clubs but at church that he realized music might be his future career.

"After college, it was just sort of this time where a lot of that dries up, 'cause everybody gets married and they have jobs and they have other stuff to do," said the singer. "So I [thought], 'I'll just play music at church,' and so I did that and I loved it. I was playing with people who were really good, really good musicians and I learned a lot from them. And it was kind of that period of development that really spurred me creatively and helped me get to be a better musician."

"That was when I recorded this record that kind of just found its way into the hands of some people in Nashville," he recalled. "They invited me up to Nashville and I started writing songs for other artists and that is what propelled me to get the opportunity to do this full-time artist thing.

In an age where more and more artists are choosing to release singles instead of full projects, Hambrick insists he will always give fans an entire collection of songs.

"I love to listen to a record," Hambrick said. "I love to listen to a full album because it's a full body of work, where an artist has an opportunity to take you into a world and to say something important to them. I'm always going to be an albums artist. But I know you also have to ride that line of understanding how people consume music right now, so I always want to be mindful of that and make music that fits into that.

"But at the same time," he added, "I want to create an opportunity for other music fans like myself who want to go deeper. That's why I'll always be an albums guy."

In between promoting his new single and working on his freshman record, Hambrick is also getting ready to welcome his second child, a girl, due on July 14, into the world.

"We are fired up," said the proud father. "Every waking minute that's not spent on the road or writing or in some sort of meeting, I am at home, organizing something, cleaning something. We're nesting hard.

Hambrick is still traveling without a bus, but hopes that "All You, All Night, All Summer" is successful enough that he can graduate to a home on wheels.

"We don't have a bus yet," he acknowledged. "We gotta get one of these singles up to the top of the charts so Adam can get him a bus."


Download "All You, All Night, All Summer' on Hambrick's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Erika Goldring