A Good Day for Brett Eldredge Involves Traveling

Brett Eldredge's new single, 'Good Day,' is all about keeping a positive mindset and making the [...]

Brett Eldredge's new single, "Good Day," is all about keeping a positive mindset and making the most out of your next 24 hours, and for the singer, a good day would ideally involve traveling. "Not being able to travel is really hard for me," Eldredge recently told PopCulture.com and other outlets. "Because there are few things in this world that I really find that kind of edge of magic that is just like something you never felt, seeing things you've never seen. There's something about that."

Due to the pandemic, the 34-year-old has spent the majority of the past year in Tennessee, where he's focused on getting outside. "I think the ideal day, for me, is when I'm not focused on a million things that I'm supposed to do and what I'm supposed to be and I really just... getting outside, going on a hike, really just being there in the moment for this beautiful world that we can live in, really just focusing on that," Eldredge reflected. "So, getting up, going on a hike."

"If it was really ideal, I'd be in Switzerland, that's my number one spot," he shared. "Switzerland is my favorite place and I would be riding a bike in the mountains in Switzerland. But since I've got the hills of Tennessee, I'll settle with that. I think a perfect day of that and just connecting with family and reaching out to them and knowing that they're all right, I think that's a good day for me."

Eldredge wrote "Good Day" with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk and explained that he penned the song during a time where he was "getting self-aware of the moments where I started getting very negative about things, even when I woke up in the morning." "I think the decision to wake up and not focus on the negative things and say, 'I'm going to have a good day, regardless of what's thrown at me,' was a big message for myself to learn," he said.

"Because I can find a lot of things to be negative about," Eldredge continued. "And obviously, in the modern world and where we live right now, we've gone through hell in the last little while. And I think being able to try to find some optimism and say, 'You know what? I'm going to have a good day and spread that optimism around. I'm going to wake, I'm going to have a good day, even if there's a lot of negative things. I'm going to put my best self forward, I'm going to be there for other people, I'm going to be there for myself and I'm going to have a good day and make that decision when you wake up.'"