Thomas Rhett Co-Wrote Old Dominion's New Single, 'Some People Do'

We already knew Thomas Rhett could write hit songs, but apparently he doesn't feel the need to keep his talents to himself! The "Beer Can't Fix" singer co-wrote Old Dominion's new single, "Some People Do," with the band's lead singer, Matthew Ramsey.

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"Had the honor of writing this song with [Matt Ramsey, Shane McAnally and Jesse Frasure] last year.," Rhett shared on social media. "Probably one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of writing. Pumped to hear that it will be [Old Dominion's] next single! If you haven’t heard it go check it out."

Ramsey also spoke out about the song on the band's Instagram page, and the powerful message they wanted to share.

"It’s a breaking-point kind of song," Ramsey said. "I think inherently we're all good people and want to be good people, but no matter who you are, sometimes you hurt the ones you love. It's about that desire to be the best person you can be for those people."

The five-man band praised Rhett for putting his singer hat aside to focus on co-writing a great song, even though they weren't sure who was going to record it.

"Obviously, writing it with Thomas Rhett, there's two artists in the room and the great thing about Thomas Rhett is he's a songwriter just as much as we are," Ramsey told iHeartRadio. "And he cares just as much as we do about that process and just about getting the best song. So, in the room, no one's thinking about who is going to record this song. We're just thinking about the song. And then when it was done, we both recorded versions. I have his version.

"We both recorded vocals on it," he continued. "And there were few texts back and forth of like, 'Are you gonna cut this? I don't know, maybe. Are you?' And then he said he was and I was like, 'Great,' and then he said he wasn't. Then I was like, 'Great.' So, we kinda went back [and forth]. It was a friendly exchange all the time, there was never any, like, 'I want it, you want it,' type of thing. But it just, luckily, landed with us."


"Some People Do" is from Old Dominion's self-titled third album.

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