Billy Ray Cyrus Releases 'Chevys and Fords' After 'Old Town Road' Success With Lil Nas X

Billy Ray Cyrus might still be at the top of the charts for his No. 1 hit with Lil Nas X on "Old Town Road," but he is already releasing a brand-new single. The 57-year-old just dropped "Chevys and Fords," this time with rising star Jonathan McGuire.

"No matter how you slice it, I'm still Billy Ray Cyrus from Flatwoods, Kentucky and I love country music," Cyrus said in a statement of the new song. "And I love a great country song. This is such a full-circle moment. It's like starting a new band. I'm so grateful and humbled just to be here."

“Billy Ray is a living legend and I’m so honored to be able to work on this project with him," added McGuire. "His support has been incredible and I’m so grateful.”

"Chevys and Fords," which says in part, "They were red, white and rusty / All dented up and dusty / They were sitting in that church parking lot every Sunday / Out in front of the bars / Or parked under the stars / With a girl in your arms / Who don’t want nothin’ more / Than a guy from a long line of Chevys and Fords," was written by McGuire, along with Jordan Walker, Rodney Clawson and Ben Hayslip. "Chevys and Fords" is McGuire's debut release.

Billy Ray Cyrus is singing the praises of Lil Nas X, and the young man's handling of fame, after his global success.

"Lil Nas X is handling it well for a [20]-year-old kid whose first song propels him to Elvis-meets-Drake status," Cyrus boasted to HITS Daily Double. "Think about it. But he’s hanging in there and enjoying it, which is great."

Cyrus knows a bit about worldwide success, after his own mega-hit, "Achy Breaky Heart," was released in 1992.

"Actually, there’s been three of these: 'Achy Breaky' was first, then Hannah Montana, which was, well, different, but the same kind of gale force," Cyrus explained. "Now, 'Old Town Road' is that same massive thing. Only, honestly, it’s bigger than anything I’ve been part of. Ten weeks at No. 1 around the world? It’s crazy.

"There’s a commonality, though. They all spin in a circle — and can kill you if you’re not careful," he added. "I thought the song was already a hit, but I was up for the challenge to stretch and try to learn something new. Every time something like this presented itself, I’ve said yes, and I’ve learned."


"Chevys and Fords" is available to stream or purchase at Cyrus' website.

Photo: Courtesy of Adkins Publicity/LOWFIELD