Dierks Bentley Admits to Being a 'Big Fan' of Organizing Expert Marie Kondo

Dierks Bentley might be on the road a lot, but he still likes a neat house when he is at home. The Arizona native recently revealed that he's a big fan of organizing expert and author Marie Kondo, who wrote the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

"I hate to even admit this because a lot of guys out there are probably gonna give me some grief, but there’s this Japanese [organizing consultant and author] Marie Kondo,” Bentley shared (via Nash Country Daily). “She’s all about [getting rid] of clutter and tidying up. I’ve gathered so much stuff.

"Every night, I get slipped [things] like this bracelet I’m wearing right now in honor of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots," he continued. "I get coins from military guys. I get paintings that a nine-year-old painted of my dog that passed away. I gather so much stuff. And, it all comes back into my house. It’s like a ship that is just bursting at the seams.”

Bentley has learned in his two-decade career what matters to him, and what does not.

"You’ve gotta go through things, and just figure out what’s bringing you joy, what’s sparking joy, and what’s not,” Bentley admitted. “For me, seeing a gold record with my name on it, it doesn’t spark the same joy as it did for me as when I first got one. I’d rather see, honestly, a drawing that my 5-year-old made. That has more value to me right now.

"It has nothing to do with not being grateful," added the singer. "It’s just recognizing what brings you joy, and it’s just the little interactions with people. This bracelet that someone gave me, a fan gave me, that means more to me than a plaque would mean to me.”

Bentley is currently on his Burning Man Tour, albeit with a big of extra gear. The 43-year-old was injured in a mountain biking accident in Colorado, forcing him to perform with a cast on his left hand.

“It’s my left hand," Bentley quipped, adding that he drinks beer with his right hand. "I hardly use the thing."


Bentley is joined on the road by Tenille Townes, who was just nominated for four Canadian Country Music Association Awards, and Jon Pardi. The tour is currently scheduled to run through September. Find a list of all of Bentley's upcoming shows by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Daniel Boczarski


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