Old Dominion Gives Major Update on Long-Awaited Third Studio Album

Old Dominion is giving fans a major update on their long-awaited third studio album. The band's lead singer, Matt Ramsey says the record is finished, but he still has no idea when fans will get to hear it.

"It's done, we have turned it in," Ramsey revealed to PEOPLE. "Now, we're just playing the corporate game of waiting and talking to our record label and trying to plan all that out. Hopefully sooner – if it was up to us we'd have it out today!"

If the debut single from their next set of tunes, "Some People Do," is any indication, their new project will be much more introspective than their freshman Meat and Candy, released in 2015, or even their 2017 sophomore Happy Endings.

"It's a very personal song for me," Ramsey acknowledged. "You just get to a point sometimes where it can be overwhelming. For me, that song was very therapeutic to get out of my system and feel like I needed to make some changes. There's a long list of people I've hurt, I'm sure, but you just want to get to those people and say, 'I can be a better person,' and I think a lot of people can identify with that, whether it be through personal decisions or alcoholism or whatever."

"It's just a powerful message," added Trevor Rosen. "And I think, as a band, we haven't really put a song like that out yet, so from what it sounds like, the type of message sonically, it stretches what it means to be an Old Dominion song, which I think is always a good thing, to show a different side of who we can be."

The reigning ACM Vocal Group of the Year is on their Make It Sweet Tour this year, with an impressive list of opening acts that includes Morgan Evans, Michael Ray and Jimmie Allen but is making releasing this new record their biggest goal.

"We just hope to put out this next album, which feels very special to us, and we're very excited about," Ramsey previously shared with PopCulture.com and other media. "We want to see where that takes us. I do think it can take us somewhere much bigger."


Old Dominion has plenty of dates on the calendar over the summer, including the final night of CMA Fest in Nissan Stadium. Find dates on their website. Download "Some People Do" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Jason Davis