Faith Hill's Nephew Faced Drug Charges Before Alleged DUI Manslaughter Case

Faith Hill's nephew, Christian White, was recently arrested for DUI and alleged manslaughter charges, but before that he faced drug charges in 2017.

According to Radar, White was picked up on cocaine possession in August of that year when officers arrived at his residence actually looking for his roommate, but he was not aware of that fact at the time.

When the cops showed up, White reportedly “looked out the bathroom window” and saw them, and the attempted to make a run for it.

“White unlocked the rear door and was quickly apprehended without incident,” court papers from the incident read. “A search of the residence revealed approximately three pounds of marijuana, 48 grams of cocaine, eight grams of methamphetamine, 38 special revolver and various paraphernalia.”

Following his arrest, White was sentenced to 90 days behind bars, with 48 of those days being credited as time served. He was also required to pay $718 in fines, fees and court costs.

Some months later, White reportedly violated his probation by failing a drug test that was ordered by the court. That violation landed him in jail for nearly 300 days.

“The offender was in possession of a drug or narcotic, marijuana, as shown by analysis of a urine sample obtained from the offender on 5/4/2018,” the court paperwork stated. “He admitted to smoking marijuana at a party… He smoked at a party with friends on 4/20/2018 as it was a ‘smokers holiday.' ”

Earlier in 2017, White was arrested for felony robbery, after he and another suspect reportedly stole an iPhone from a teen who was selling it.

“[White] grabbed the phone from the victim’s hands as the driver drove away,” a police report of the incident read. “The victim grabbed the door jam as the vehicle was driving away and was drug a few feet and eventually fell to the ground and received several road rash abrasions.”

White was arrested in connection with that crime and slapped with a $10,000 bond.

Fast forward to this past week, White was involved in a car accident in Port St. Lucie, Florida that claimed the life of Isabel Borges.

According to police paperwork, White was driving a Honda Civic and he allegedly attempted to pass a minivan in a no-passing zone, resulting in him colliding with Borges who was driving a motorcycle.


“The driver of the Honda Civic collided head on into the motorcycle,” a statement on the incident read. “Isabel Borges did not survive the crash. Isabel Borges was pronounced deceased at the scene at 8:02am.”

The statement also claimed that White seemed “extremely impaired along with a passenger that was unconscious and unresponsive.” He is currently being held in the St. Lucie County Jail with a $155,000 bond. At this time, it does not appear that a court date has been set for him.