Watch Russell Dickerson's New 'Blue Tacoma' Video

Russell Dickerson is back at radio with a new single. The 31-year-old, who just celebrated his debut platinum-selling single, "Yours," hitting No. 1, has released "Blue Tacoma" as the second single from his freshman Yours album.

Written by Dickerson, along with Casey Brown and Parker Welling, "Blue Tacoma" was inspired by Dickerson's own life with his wife, Kailey.

"'Blue Tacoma' started out more as a hypothetical," Dickerson tells The Boot. "We thought we were writing a song that was going to be, like, 'Wouldn't it be cool if we took a road trip?' It was a good song, but it wasn't great. But then, my wife and I got to live out in California for a while, and drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. That view is just breathtaking.

"We came back to the co-writers, who were the same guys who'd co-written my previous single, 'Yours,' and told them that we had to re-write the song. It was good, but we had to make it better. So we went back and put in all these real-life elements that my wife and I got to experience while we were on that trip. Once we did that, and plugged in those little details that were true to life, it just clicked for the whole team. It was magic, and it's been amazing to see it click for fans as well."

Dickerson has several songs that were contenders for his next single, but knew early on "Blue Tacoma" was bound to be a hit.

"It just kind of naturally started poking its head above all the other songs," Dickerson shared with at a recent media event. "It already had a life on Spotify, it's almost like 60 million just on Spotify. And so it's the same thing cause 'Yours' took so long, like all the other outlets started wanting more songs so they started playing [it] and it just clicked."

The video, like "Yours," was shot by Kailey, except for when she appears in the scenes. Appearing very true to their own life, the couple can be seen riding in a blue Tacoma pick-up truck, hanging out on a beach, and camping in a retro trailer.

(Photo: Instagram/russelled)

“I love working with my wife because she understands me more than anyone else,” Dickerson tells People. “She has impeccable vision and direction for everything we do.”

“She has been there from day one,” he adds. “On top of shooting the ‘Yours’ music video, she has shot every album cover. We’re both all in on this dream!”


Download "Blue Tacoma" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: YouTube