Brett Young Talks New Music Video for 'Mercy'

Brett Young is still riding high on the success of his first three singles, all of which went to No. 1, but the country singer is now looking ahead to the release of his next single, the emotional break-up track "Mercy."

At the No. 1 party for his single "Like I Loved You," Young dished on his new song, sharing that he will do some acting in the video for his latest tune.

"I'm doing my version of acting," he joked. "We picked a really, really cool place to shoot and that kind of tells a lot of the story itself. What we wanted to do is just tell the story of a relationship where it's seemingly good all the time. But, just like everybody who's been in one of those knows, behind the scenes it's not all the time."

While he couldn't give too much away about the clip, Young shared that its story will likely be a familiar one for fans.

"One location is just a house in Los Angeles, but the other one is very ethereal and kind of dreamlike," he said. "It's a very haunting and kind of all too familiar story. It's pretty much the same story that the song tells, but just a little bit of an image attached to it."

Young also discussed the song's creation, explaining that while his label had said he needed more uptempo songs for his first record, co-writer Sean McConnell was focused on writing the best song they could.

That song ended up being "Mercy," an emotional piano ballad that sees Young pleading with his lover to show him some compassion. Though Young hasn't gone through the exact experience detailed in the song, he explained that the general theme of heartache is something most everyone can relate to.

"The reason I like 'Mercy' so much is I didn't live that exactly, but I've lived multiple versions of that," he said. "I think that's why people are going to be able to relate to the song so well. There are so many different variations and versions of that kind of heartbreak that I think people have experienced. If you do a good enough job of telling us that we're keeping it vague enough, it can be anybody's story."


"There are way more stories about it not working out than happily ever after," he continued. "So, those songs seem to connect pretty well."

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