Lindsay Ell is All About the 'Girl Power' in Country Music

It's not a secret that women have spent the last several years struggling in country music. After the reign of artists like Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood in the '90s, the new millennium saw female artists take a backseat to their male counterparts, with the women having less airplay on the radio, and subsequently less time on the charts as well.

Thankfully, the tide seems to be slowly changing, giving both established artists and rising stars, like Lindsay Ell, optimism about their future in country music.

"I feel like females are recording music that is so great — that is connecting with fans and fans are wanting to seek it out," Ell tells One Country. "When we look at the ratios of how many females are being played and how many females are being play-listed, it's not even. That's just a fact. However, I feel like it's a really good time for females. Right now, things are slowly starting to change and fans are wanting to hear more of it. I'm a believer. I'm all about this girl power moment."

Ell is currently crossing the country with Brad Paisley on his Weekend Warrior Tour, which began in 2017. The tour isn't the first time Ell has joined Paisley on the road, but taking the stage with him never gets old.

"I'm the estrogen holding down the stage," Ell quips. "It was funny; the first show I played with Brad, it was when he was till doing his college tour. It was the first time we opened up for him and he asked that night, he was like, 'Does Lindsay want to come up on stage and jam with me?' I was super nervous, but of course I'm like, 'Absolutely, hundred percent, I'll be there.' I walk on stage, not knowing at all what was going to happen, but I was trading licks with Brad Paisley. It was a moment, even from a little girl, that I didn't think was going to happen."

Ell's latest The Project album debuted at the top of the charts. A list of all of her shows can be found on her website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/LindsayEll