Jamie O'Neal Reveals New Album Coming Soon

It's been almost four years since Jamie O'Neal's last studio album, Eternal, was released, but thankfully, the wait for another record is almost over. The singer-songwriter reveals she is working on a new set of tunes, which will be available soon.

"I have new music coming out in the Spring, late March/early April," O'Neal tells PopCulture.com. "The first song's called 'Spin the Bottle.' Wine, it's my favorite drink of choice. The song is not just a fun party song. It kind of talks about the different aspects of what alcohol can do, good and bad. But it's uptempo enough that it's a fun song to sing along to. The video's gonna be really fun. I mean, everybody remembers playing 'Spin the Bottle' when they were young."

Not that all the songs on the upcoming album are party tunes. O'Neal says there are songs that cover every emotion, making sure there is something for everyone on her next project.

"I have five other songs on there that I've written that are really special to me, songs that I've collected over the last year and a half," adds O'Neal. "Just really wanting it to be something great, because my last album that came out was country covers, classics, which was a complete departure from anything I've done before. Now I'm kind of going back to my roots as a songwriter, and really wanting to get some new original music out there to the fans."

O'Neal is also planning on hitting the road later this year with her good friend, Deanna Carter.

"She's got a great sense of humor, which I have too," says O'Neal. "So I know it's going to be fun. We're going to sing on each other's songs. I'm looking forward to it. The last time I went on tour with Ty Herndon and Andy Griggs, they were my really good friends but they're guys, and the band guys were guys. So I'm really looking forward to being out there with another woman."

Dates when available will be posted on O'Neal's website.

Photo Credit:Facebook/Jamie O'Neal