Remember When Luke Bryan Sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl?

Luke Bryan crossed a huge item off of his bucket list last year, when he performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl last year. The "Most People Are Good" singer says it's unlikely anything will ever top the experience for him.

“The opportunity to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is something that I can honestly say I’ve probably dreamed of ever since I was a kid. To wake up and things that you’ve dreamed of are right in front of you, it’s pretty powerful,” Bryan said at the time. “I’m just excited about the opportunity to go out there and honor America, honor our country, honor our troops, and I will certainly be excited to hit the last note and not be so nervous anymore and go enjoy a football game.”

Bryan's performance earned rave reviews, but he says he's sure this year's performer, Pink, will be top-notch.

"Pink is one of the best singers on planet Earth and I know she's going to do an unbelievable job with the national anthem," Bryan said. "It's pretty nerve-wracking, I'm sure she'll kill it though. She's been on the big stage for a lot of years, certainly even more than me, so I know she'll do great and good luck, Pink."

Bryan will have plenty of chances to perform in stadiums this year, when he launches his What Makes You Country XL Stadium Sized Tour, which kicks off on May 31 in Toronto.

“Playing my music live is the reason I do what I do," Bryan says, "and the energy of the fans is what pushes me year after year to deliver a bigger and better experience."

Bryan's 2018 What Makes You Country Tour kicks off on Feb. 16 in Springfield, Mo. Dates are available on his website.

Photo Credit: YouTube