Zooey Deschanel Just Went Blonde Again

Zooey Deschanel is looking nearly unrecognizable these days. The former New Girl star had her 7.6 million Instagram followers asking "Who's that girl?" when she took to the social media platform Tuesday to reveal that she ditched her signature dark locks in favor of a new blonde hairstyle.

In the first photo of the two-part carousel, Deschanel could be seen snapping a mirror selfie. In the image, the actress wore a black puffer jacket, an electric blue top, and white pants. Most notably, however, were her big, blonde curls, which just seemed to be a wig and did not feature bangs and had a middle part. The second of the two pictures, snapped in a makeup room, saw Deschanel swapping the white pants for tie-dye sweatpants, the actress still rocking the blonde look.

The post, which Deschanel simply captioned, "who's she?" sparked plenty of comments. Ellen contributor and influencer Kalen Allen wrote, "This is eating it up!" New Girl fans also didn't pass up the opportunity to make some references to the show, with one person commenting, "That's Katie ... Jess's alter ego," referring to an episode in which Jess pretends to be a man's blind date named Katie to keep seeing him. Melanie Lynskey wrote, "HANG ON you are 100% stunning in this look," with one fan asking, "Who's that girl?"

This is far from the first time Deschanel has changed up her hairstyle. Prior to sticking with her signature long brown locks and bangs, she's rocked a short blond bob, as well as red hair with a middle part, throughout the 2000s, later transitioning to a shoulder-length brunette look with side-sweeping bangs during the 2010s. She eventually landed on her signature hairstyle, which she donned throughout New Girl. Back in March 2021, she even poked fun at her signature look when she posted a photo of herself without bangs, writing, "Proof I have a forehead."

As for the surprising blonde locks, Deschanel has not spilled any details on what the potential project may be that calls for the hair transformation. Deschanel can currently be seen in the new MAX original reality show What Am I Eating? The six-episode series finds the actress "on a mission to solve everyday food dilemmas by asking the tough questions we all have about what we eat."