YouTube Personality Cody Detwiler Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Head

YouTube personality Cody Detwiler, better known by his username WhistlinDiesel, learned that firing a weapon near his head is a bad idea the hard way. The 22-year-old told fans on Jan. 21 he was shooting a .50 caliber gun at metal plates from four feet away when one bullet ricocheted off a plate and struck him in his forehead. He was rushed to a hospital, where he had the bullet removed from his forehead. After the experience, Detwiler shared a bloody selfie with fans on Instagram.

"Not sure how I’m alive [right now]...... love you all and thanks for all of you," Detwiler first wrote, alongside a photo of himself in his car with a gash on his forehead and blood all over his face. He later explained that he was hit with a .50 caliber bullet in the forehead and was taken to the hospital. "I’m ok they’re just doing some scans to make sure I don’t have swelling other than the 2" lump on my forehead and the copper jacket under my skin," he wrote. Later, he added in the comments, "I literally know what it feels to get hit with a .50 cal.... in the head."

Next, Detwiler shared a photo from the hospital and another photo of the bullet that hit his head. "You look at life a little differently when you pull the trigger of your .50 cal and your head shakes and starts dripping down past your eyes," he wrote. The hospital staff did a CT scan and saw his skull was not cracked, so he went back to target practicing afterward. "For anyone wondering I was shooting steel plates from 4ft away like a boss to see how many it would go through. It went through 2," he wrote.

On Sunday, Detwiler published a video from the shooting, alongside a video he filmed later in the week explaining how he shot himself in the head. He also had a strong message for his critics. "As for the haters..... and everyone saying I shouldn’t have a gun, maybe you shouldn’t have a car if you get into an accident racing or drifting," he wrote on Instagram. "I have fun every single day and if I wasn’t so lucky I still wouldn’t died happy unlike you for a fact. Do people with brains a favor and watch the video before you comment."


Detwiler has gained a following on social media for his daring videos, in which he pulls of stunts with large trucks and guns. He has over 58,000 followers on Instagram and 1.76 million subscribers on YouTube. In one video from October, he showed off a 1969 Dodge Charger he bought that was painted to look like the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard.