Why Meghan Markle Fans Are Calling out Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson went viral this weekend for complaining that Meghan Markle was "not naturally warm" to her when they met in person, and fans think they know why. Wilson's story left many viewers incredulous in the first place, but when they did some more digging they found that Markle has reason to distrust Wilson. Many pointed to jokes she made about the royal family last year while hosting the BAFTA Awards.

Wilson appeared on Watch What Happens Live where she wound up sharing an anecdote about meeting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out in California through a mutual friend. Wilson was with her mother, whom she admitted asked Markle some "rude" questions upon meeting her, but excused it by saying: "she's Australian." She said that Prince Harry was kind and cordial to them, but that Markle was "not as cool, not naturally warm" to them. Even on its own, this story had many viewers taking Markle's side, but considering the scant history between the two actresses, fans felt she was even more justified.

As fans quickly discovered, Wilson had cracked a joke about Markle and Prince Harry while hosting the BAFTAs last year. She referenced their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey while presenting the award for Outstanding British Film. She said: "From drama to horror, to fantasy, Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah had it all!"

Of course, many fans found this insensitive given the content of the interview. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were clearly conflicted as they came forward to accuse the royal family of racism and cruelty. Since then, they have shared their story in more detail, and many fans have landed on their side.

On top of that, many viewers thought that this exchange was indicative of a broader pattern in interactions between white women and Black women. Many felt that Wilson had framed her story wrong while discussing it with Andy Cohen. She made excuses for her mother's "slightly rude" behavior while making Markle's reaction the focal point. They felt she could have shared the same story successfully with more compassion for Markle, as her lack of "warmth" was perfectly understandable.

Markle and Prince Harry have not commented on this story, and so far Wilson has not responded to the public backlash on social media. The royal family is preoccupied with plans for The Coronation of King Charles III, so this may be the kind of story that falls by the wayside.