Why Chelsea Handler Is Suing a Lingerie Company

Chelsea Handler is taking legal action against the brand ThirdLove. According to PEOPLE, Handler sued ThirdLove for $1.5 million, alleging a breach of contract. In her filing, Handler claimed that she was in a one-year contract with the brand when they "unilaterally canceled" an upcoming shoot and subsequently put an end to their deal altogether. 

Handler explained that she and ThirdLove entered their contract together on Jan. 1. Under the terms of their agreement, the comedian "would exclusively promote the ThirdLove brand in exchange for compensation of $1,060,000, plus expenses." Handler claimed that she soon went to work with the company by launching a custom-made fitness program, sitting in on meetings with executives, going to wardrobe fittings, and promoting the brand. However, things soon went awry in advance of a Jan. 27 promotional shoot that she was set to be the face of. 

Handler claimed that the lingerie company "unilaterally cancelled" the shoot and the "entire agreement" the night before. She reportedly already paid for her flight from Whistler, Canada to Los Angeles to take part in the shoot. As for what allegedly went wrong, she was told that the company's Board of Directors did not approve of the shoot or her involvement in the brand. They allegedly told ThirdLove to "terminate the parties' agreement."

Following the end of the agreement, ThirdLove allegedly ignored Handler's attempts to contact them. Furthermore, they allegedly have not paid Handler the amount that they originally agreed upon when forming the contract. Meanwhile, Handler alleged that the company did pay the vendors involved in the shoot. In her filing, the comedian is asking for $1.5 million in damages. She wants ThirdLove to pay her the full amount that they agreed to in her contract in addition to "monies she spent out of her own pocket." 

Handler also claimed that as a result of entering into an agreement with ThirdLove, she declined partnerships with ALO and Athleta because she was in an exclusive deal with the lingerie brand. She also wants to be compensated for the money she lost out on by declining those partnerships to work with ThirdLove. PEOPLE noted that they reached out to ThirdLove for comment, but that they did not hear back by the time of the article's publication.