Chelsea Handler in the 'Best Shape of My Life' as She Enters 2021

While COVID-19 continues to rage, many are looking for good news amidst all of the stress. [...]

While COVID-19 continues to rage, many are looking for good news amidst all of the stress. Comedian Chelsea Handler is choosing to cling to the fact that Donald Trump is no longer president and taking her physical health seriously. She tweeted her thanks to personal trainer Ben Bruno, saying he got her in "the best shape of my life." She then revealed she was optimistic about change due to Trump's exit from office.

This tweet isn't the first time that Handler has expressed her displeasure about the former president, admitting in 2019 that his election pushed her into therapy because she thought she "was going to have a mental breakdown." That emotional work proved that Handler "wasn't being honest with herself." "I realized what he signified was actually what happened during my childhood when it became undone and when my whole world fell apart," she explained on The View.

Handler has also been candid about her time quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. While she was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden in October, she joked "before Covid, I don't think I ever took a walk."

"Well, I haven't had sex in a very long time," Handler quipped. "I mean, since Covid started. I think March, I went skiing last year in March. I was on a ski date weekend and that was the last time that I experienced penetration of any kind... I should have had more sex that weekend." Handler got a bit more serious, saying, "No, I don't think about it that way, I just think when are we going to get to a regular place again."

Handler's quarantine hasn't been all fitness, though. She found herself in hot water when she was in Whistler, British Columbia, for a project, and people thought she wasn't properly quarantining. "Getting a lot of very violent messages and I'd like everyone to know that I am indeed quarantining for the full 14 days and happy to do it," she said on Instagram. "So don't think I'm bending rules. I'm not. I'm quarantining. And I'm here for work on top of it. So, suck on that, f—ckers."

The "optimism and hopefulness" of her tweet seems a bit more zen in its message, but it wouldn't be classic Chelsea without a little bite. You can stream Handler's latest comedy special, Chelsea Handler: Evolution, on HBO Max.