Wendy Williams Facing 'Serious' Health Complications as Show Taps Guests Hosts in Her Absence

Wendy Williams is reportedly facing some "serious" health issues, which will keep her out of work for a while. The talk show host will be back on Monday, but with a temporary guest host, her producers announced on Tuesday. It is still not clear what exactly Williams' condition is.

"The Wendy Williams Show will start airing originals on Monday, October 18, with an exciting lineup of guest hosts and panels to be announced shortly," read a statement on the show's Instagram page on Tuesday. "Wendy continues to be under medical supervision and meets with her medical team on a daily basis. She is making progress but is experiencing serious complications as a direct result of Graves' Disease and her thyroid condition. It has been determined that more time is needed before she is able to return to her live hosting duties. Wendy is a valued and stalwart member of the Debmar-Mercury family and has been so for 12 years. We want her health to be her top priority."

"As soon as she's ready, she will be back in her treasured purple chair. We very much appreciate the respect for Wendy's privacy, as well as all the good wishes from her fans, station partners and advertisers," the statement concluded. Williams was diagnosed with COVID-19 last month in spite of taking one of the vaccines, meaning she got a "breakthrough case." This delayed the premiere of The Wendy Williams Show Season 13 to October, and the date has already been shifted twice.

Since Williams is already battling Graves Disease, she is considered high-risk in the coronavirus pandemic because Graves is an autoimmune disorder. She also has a hyperactive thyroid, which is a common component of Graves Disease but not universal.

Williams has not taken time away from work since May of 2020, but at the time that was due to health concerns as well. She has been one of the most prominent immunocompromised public figures to weigh in on the pandemic, and many fans are eager to get her perspective again. Williams herself has not been active on social media, so it is not clear exactly how she is feeling.


So far, it has not been revealed who will take Williams' place as temporary guest host to begin with, but that has not stopped fans from sharing their guesses or wishes on social media. The Wendy Williams Show Season 18 premieres on Monday, Oct. 18. Check your local listings to find it in your area.