Wendy Williams Resurfaces, Video Shows Concerning Fan Encounter

A fan encountered Wendy Williams on the street in New York City this week and filmed a video that has many people concerned. Williams has been absent from the public eye for the last few months, and fans have speculated wildly about her health considering her history of chronic illness and addiction. The video filmed by TikTok user djinkies had many viewers convinced that Williams was in some kind of altered state.

The TokTok user who posted this video lists their real name as Juangi. They approached Williams on foot while she was leaning out of the open window of a car. From the back seat, Williams flashed some of her jewelry and moved in awkward, erratic patterns. She answered the fans' questions in non-sequiturs and some fans felt that her expression was distant and uncomprehending. It is not clear what the 58-year-old was up to or who she was traveling with.


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In the clip, Juangi asked: "What you got to say for the camera?" Williams responded: "Uh, he's out buying – getting stuff. I'm st- waiting for him to come back."

In follow-up videos, Juangi explained the context of the encounter. They said that they spotted Williams on an average day out in the city. They approached her with a few friends and asked before recording her. They said it took them a few moments to notice that she was not acting like herself. They said that Williams started out by telling them that she is finished with TV for good, but that she is focused on making podcasts.

"As soon as I started seeing s- that was, like... S- was, like, up, I was like 'let me put this motherf-ing phone right the f- down.' You could tell her energy was not the same as what we usually know of her," they said. Many commenters praised Juangi for being respectful toward Williams during this vulnerable time, though some still thought that they shouldn't have posted the video in the first place.


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So far, Williams and her representatives have not commented publicly on this social media appearance. Williams has recently gotten a new agent, according to a report by Radar Online, but it's not clear exactly what comes next for her. Her show wrapped up its final season without her this spring, and her time slot will be filled with The Sherri Shepherd Show in the fall.