Wendy Williams Launches Substance Abuse Hotline After Returning to Talk Show

Wendy Williams has launched a substance abuse hotline in an effort to combat the nation's ongoing drug and substance abuse epidemic and aid those in need of help.

A week after returning to The Wendy Williams Show following a two-and-a-half-month long hiatus due to complications related to Graves' disease, the talk show host announced during a Monday segment that she has launched a national resource hotline, 1-888-5HUNTER (1-888-548-6837), to aid those suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse.

The 24-hour helpline is a result of a partnership between Williams' family's Hunter Foundation and T.R.U.S.T., an organization dedicated to building a bridge from treatment to long-term recovery.

"The Hunter Foundation launched a 24-hour nationwide hotline to offer treatment resources to get help for you if you happen to be addicted to drugs and substance abusing," Williams told viewers on Monday. "What you do is you call, and your call will be answered by specially-trained, certified recovery coaches. These people will provide you, should you want help, with referrals and treatment facilities. If that's you, we're here to help."

The hotline will be staffed with certified recovery coaches, who will conduct assessments and match callers with lists of treatment facilities including detox, rehabilitation, sober living, and outpatient centers throughout the country.

The hotline will also provide educational resources to those suffering drug addiction or substance abuse, as well as loved ones and family members. The general public can also utilize the hotline to receive education and awareness information.

"We must all come together to respond to this crisis of addiction and substance abuse," Williams said in a press release, according to Entertainment Tonight. "Everyone is at risk from the inner cities to more affluent communities. My family and I are very proud to partner with T.R.U.S.T. to get people the help that they so desperately need, especially if they or their families have given up hope. There is hope."

The Ask Wendy author has long been open about her battle with substance abuse in her 20's and 30's, addressing her battle just days after her return to The Wendy Williams Show last week.


"You know this about me," she said. "I told you I've had my bout with substance abuse. Once you're a substance abuser, you have to battle that for the rest of your life. Crack is wack. I was a mess, killing myself. I realized I am a walking addict. You can't just clean it up and stop it."

The launch of the hotline follows her 2018 launch of the "Be Here" National Campaign, which is designed to combat drug addiction and substance abuse in communities.