Wendy Williams' Critics Rally Around Jack Osbourne After He Blasts Talk Show Host for Mocking Amie Harwick's Death

Fans are rallying their support around Jack Osbourne after he slammed Wendy Williams for her remarks on Dr. Amie Harwick's death. After Williams evoked The Price Is Right catchphrase "Come on down" while discussing Harwick's murder on the Monday episode of her daytime talk show, Osbourne criticized Williams for being "shallow" and making light of a tragedy.

Osbourne's comments immediately drew the support of others, who felt that Williams was out of line with her remarks.

"Her show needs to be canceled, canceled, & canceled!!!!" wrote one person on PopCulture.com's Facebook. "Kudos to Jack Osborne for speaking up!"

"She was completely out of control and line for saying the awful things she did!" another agreed with Osbourne's statement. "A young woman was tragically killed by a person who she had a restraining order against. My condolences to her family and friends during this difficult time."

"Thank you, Jack!" added a third. "Shame on you Wendy! People in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones!"

"I commented on a the post where she gave a fake crying apologize about the last incident. I said what will be the next fake apologize she gives & here you have it," wrote somebody else, referring to her recent apology regarding controversial LGBTQ+ comments she made. "She criticizes everyone, I am suprise people still go on her show because eventually she will have something to say about them."

"Good for you Jack," commented someone else. "She was so wrong and that's why I dont watch her thank you for speaking up."


"How can anyone have so much hate in their heart to make such an insensitive remark," commented another. "Its sad that when Wendy was going thru (sic) her marital problems and drug issues, so many people were supportive of her and had her back. How shameful that she couldnt have paid that positive energy forward. She is arrogant and ignorant and needs to go ASAP. Such an awful person."

While Williams has not addressed the backlash to the comment or offered an apology, fans have begun petitioning to have her fired and have her namesake talk show removed from TV. The petitions, which have garnered thousands of signatures, follow previous petitions to remove her from air due to her controversial comments.