Wendy Williams Cancels Third Tour Stop

Amid swirling reports that her business empire is in ruins, including rumors that her daytime talk show is slated to be canceled, Wendy Williams canceled a third stop on her "For the Record…Umm Hmm! Tour." Page Six confirmed that the tour date in Newark, New Jersey, was canceled just ahead of its scheduled timing. The cancellation follows the nixing of shows in Detroit and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Although the venue claimed that the cancellation was due to a "scheduling conflict," the outlet reports that only a handful of tickets had been purchased for the Saturday show. A source claimed that the subsequent cancellations were a cause of concern for Williams' close friends who have been rooting for her since her April divorce filing.

"Wendy is proving to everyone that's been pulling for her that she's incapable of staying on track," the source said. "What happened to the strong businesswoman she's claiming to be who was taking charge and doing big things? If anything, this mess of a tour has proven she can't do anything for herself."

Although Williams initially cut all professional ties with estranged husband Kevin Hunter following the divorce filings, recent reports have suggested that she is "begging" him to come back as her business empire crumbles.

After the Daily Mail reported earlier this month that the Ask Wendy author was considering re-hiring her ex as her business manager, a move that was part of a larger divorce negotiation that would see The Hunter Foundation, WW Talk Productions, and Hunter Publishing Group not being dissolved, a source told Radar Online that Williams was desperate to do business with Hunter once more.

"She's begging her husband to come back to save her show," the source claimed. "Wendy is reading all the reports about her show ending after next season. She's hearing her staff is looking for new jobs. She sees Kevin as the solution."

"She has never made a big successful business decision without him and now feels everything falling apart," the source added. "She will do anything to save her show, even getting back with him."


The report came amid surmounting speculation that The Wendy Williams Show is continuing on a dying breath, with sources alleging that many of the talk show's employees are searching for jobs elsewhere.

Williams, however, has denied both of those claims. Speaking earlier this month, she told Fox 5 NY that "the only business, and I repeat, the only business that me and Mr. Hunter are involved with is getting a divorce finalized," adding that The Wendy Williams Show is "even better now probably because I've loosened up. The moral has always been good because I've taken the reigns."