Watch: Donald Trump and Vince Vaughn Shake Hands at Clemson vs. LSU Game in Extremely Unexpected Meeting

Wedding Crashers star Vince Vaughn met President Donald Trump at the College Football Playoff Championship on Monday night in a very unexpected meeting. Vaughn was seen shaking the president's hand in the stands, with First Lady Melania Trump sitting between them. Vaughn has a history of supporting Republican candidates in the past.

The National Championship game pits the undefeated LSU Tigers against the also undefeated Clemson Tigers. Before the game kicked off, Trump and Melania walked on the field to greet the crowd. They stayed on the field through the National Anthem.

Vaughn's appearance sparked plenty of interest on social media. Some thought there was nothing controversial about the clip, and others noted that Vaughn's political leanings were well-known before Monday.

"So do Swingers and Wedding Crashers get taken off the air for all of eternity now after Vince Vaughn had a civilized conversation with the president at the Superdome tonight?" one Twitter user wrote.

"Vince Vaughn has always been right wing. I talked to him about Ron Paul for like 30 min at a poker game once," another Twitter user wrote.

"It's a video of Vince Vaughn talking to the First Lady and President of the United States at a football game," another writer wrote. "There is nothing controversial about this."

Vaughn has gone on record as a libertarian, and has supported Rep. Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul in their presidential campaigns. In a 2015 interview with Playboy, Vaughn said trusting the federal government is a "bad idea."

"I think history has proven without a doubt that the proper role of government is to protect individuals' rights and liberties," Vaughn said at the time. "That has always been the most prosperous, freest society for people to live in. And when government gets too involved, society turns into a place that gets very, very ugly."


In 2019, Vaughn was seen in Fighting With My Family and Seberg.

Photo credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images