'Walking Dead' Alum Michael Rooker Opens up About COVID-19 Battle

Michael Rooker has become the latest celebrity to reveal that he has contracted COVID-19 and successfully battled through the coronavirus. The Walking Dead actor shared the details of his diagnosis and the subsequent recovery, admitting that COVID-19 made him feel "like crap."

In a Facebook post, Rooker, who Merle Dixon in the hit AMC show, told his fans the reason he's been "in this crazy awesome Airspace" is due to him isolating and fighting off the virus. "I have to let y'all know it has been quite a battle," he wrote. "And as in any war, all is fair."

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor determines through his own experiences that there "ain't a whole heck of a lot one can do externally" to overcome COVID-19 after it gets into the body system. In his efforts to get better, Rooker explained his decision on not taking any medicine, vitamins or supplements for fear of side-effects that could leave damage to his liver or kidneys. While he says it was no easy task living with the effects of the coronavirus, Rooker notes that "it ended up getting its a– knocked out! Covid put up a pretty good fight."

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This comes nearly a week since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed that he, his wife and two daughters contracted COVID-19. Like Rooker, the actor said the recovery was not easy but that everyone came out of it stronger and healthier than before.

Unlike Rooker, who didn't share how he may have come down the virus, Johnson said in his Instagram video that they had come in contact with family members and close friends who had been carrying the virus. "I can tell you this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family," he explained.


Across the country, the coronavirus remains a severe issue as cases in the states have reached more than six million positives, with approximately 188,000 deaths. As anticipation for a vaccine continues to build up, the US Surgeon General has advised states to prepare to distribute a vaccine by Nov. 1.

CNN shared a new model that sees top health officials predicting that more than 410,000 people could die from the coronavirus over the remainder of the year if mask usage begins to taper off. Throughout the pandemic, the use of facial coverings has remained a hot topic and a significant breaking point for many in the conversation.