Vanessa Hudgens Unearths Another Look at Her Catwoman Halloween Costume: 'Still Not Over Spooky Season'

Halloween may be over, but Vanessa Hudgens isn't ready to stop celebrating the holiday. After sharing multiple photos to her Instagram account of her dressed in a Catwoman suit, she recently shared a video of it, too, even though it's past Halloween. "Still not over spooky season. Sorry. Lol maybe it's cause of the election lol," she captioned her post.

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In the video, she and her friend start off posed in Catwoman suits, while Hudgens dances and walks towards the camera. When she pans off-camera, her fans see just her friend for a split second before it cuts off. The High School Musical actress started celebrating the spooky holiday early this year. At the beginning of October, she shared her first photo of this years costume, and continued to share several after that.

"Happy October 1st my ghoulish friends," she captioned her first Halloween post, adding spooky emojis and the hashtag "V Halloween." Her outfit was so convincing her followers were even calling for her to play the Batman character herself. One person tagged DC Universe in the comment, "You should get Vanessa for a cat woman movie," while another suggested she should have been cast in the upcoming film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. "I wish that you should appear on 'The Batman' of [sic] Robert Pattinson," they said.

While Hudgens is known for loving costumes in the fall, Heidi Klum has owned the title "Queen of Halloween" after years of taking her dress-up game to the next level. The former Victoria's Secret model is known for going all-out on her costumes each year dressing up in characters from Shrek's Princess Fiona to Betty Boop. While this year has been a tough and stressful one for everyone, given the pandemic and with it being an election year, that didn't stop the supermodel from celebrating her favorite holiday.

Klum took to Instagram to share this year's costumes along with several other looks. Naturally, her fans went crazy for it as she left several teasers of her getting-ready-process — which typically takes hours-and-hours before her final look is even completed. She's admitted that some looks require 12 or more hours, forcing her and her team to start very early on the day of.